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7.50-15 Solid Tyre Mold

7.50-15 Solid Tyre Mold
7.50-15 Solid Tyre Mold
7.50-15 Solid Tyre Mold

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Product specification :7.50-15
  • Application: forklift
  • Material: 45 # steel
  • Mould material: metal mould
  • Quality assurance :12 months

Product Details

What kind of process do you adopt for mold fabrication?    

We adopt EDM+CNC process to two piece molds fabrication;    

Adopt 5 axis CNC machine to produce segmented tire molds.

Can you design the mold drawing for us if we need?   

Yes. We can design the mold drawings for you with the necessary data of your tyre. 

What kind of tire mold can you produce?     

Solid tire mold, ATV tire mold, Agricultural tire mold, OTR tire mold, PCR tire mold, Bicycle tire mold, Motorcycle tire mold, PU tire mold,etc.


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