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28x9-15 Solid Tyre Mold

28x9-15 Solid Tyre Mold
28x9-15 Solid Tyre Mold
28x9-15 Solid Tyre Mold

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Product specification :28x9-15
  • Application: forklift
  • Material: 45 # steel
  • Mould material: metal mould
  • Quality assurance :12 months

Product Details

Qingdao YDL mould co., ltd.  is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tire molds. We have several tire mold making machines including CNC and EDM. We have competitive prices and high quality. We have passed ISO9001-2000 certification and we can Customer drawings custom design molds. The company's products are complete and varied to meet the different needs of customers, such as motorcycle tire molds, bicycle tire molds, ATV tire molds and many other types. Our products are sold at home and abroad for many years with cost-effective quality and caring services. Many times by the customer's customer recognition, is willing to establish long-term and stable cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, but also hope that the intention of the customer to visit the company reference. 


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