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28x1.5x1.75 Cycle Tyre Mold

28x1.5x1.75 Cycle Tyre Mold
28x1.5x1.75 Cycle Tyre Mold
28x1.5x1.75 Cycle Tyre Mold

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  • Product specification :28x1.5x1.75
  • Application: bicycle
  • Material: 45 # steel
  • Mould material: metal mould
  • Quality assurance :12 months

Product Details

Qingdao Ying De Li Die Co., Ltd. is a professional tire mold manufacturer in Qingdao. We design and manufacture tire molds for ATV tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, agricultural tires, engineering tires, and solid tires. We use EDM and CNC machining to ensure quality. We provide 3D modeling design for customer confirmation. CAD UG is designed and manufactured by ourselves. Delivery time will be strictly controlled and each step will be tracked. Inspection throughout the entire process, and our warranty time is 12 months.

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