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27x10-12 Solid Tyre Mold

27x10-12 Solid Tyre Mold
27x10-12 Solid Tyre Mold
27x10-12 Solid Tyre Mold

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Product specification :27x10-12
  • Application: forklift
  • Material: 45 # steel
  • Mould material: metal mould
  • Quality assurance :12 months

Product Details

The company specializes in R&D, design and manufacture of tire molds for 20 years. The company regards the customer as the center, regards the product quality as the life, relies on the high quality product, the advanced technology, the reasonable price, the perfect service. Advanced product structure, high processing precision, good dynamic performance, stable and reliable quality. Product easy to operate, stable performance, customizable. The company's product delivery speed, ensure high efficiency. 


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